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Internet Games

Some cool games you can play on the Internet...

Mornington Crescent

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The next station is Mornington Crescent.Apart from being a station on the London Underground, this is a game played on the Internet in newsgroups and IRC channels. It's probably not the easiest game to learn, but pretty cool. :-)

There is also a little book (The Little Book of Mornington Crescent) that can help you play this game.

For the screen shot, I used Boso View Express, which is a train simulator.

Updated 22nd June 2003: The original link no longer works, so I've found the equivalent on the wayback machine.



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Runescape is a online game, in Java, where you control a charcter within a self-contained world. There are many quests you may complete, to reward your character with experience in many skills, or in some case gold coins. As your character grows (gains experience) he/she has the ability to do new things, wear new armour, and fight stronger monsters.

The game may be pretty basic compared to the larger best-sellers, but it provides ongoing entertainment in an ever-changing environment. This is something that the bigger games cannot easily compete with.