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Grand Theft Auto III

To be honest, I was expecting to be slightly disappointed with this game. They took the helicopter view of your player and replaced it with a 3D view. In other games (Sim City, and Streets of Sim City) this failed miserably. However, on playing the game I was very impressed. It worked perfectly. :-)

You started off in the Portland district, an industrial zone As you complete missions, eventually the bridges and tunnels to Staunton Island, the business district, opened up. Again, more missions and then the bridges and tunnels to Shoreside Vale, the suburban area, opened up.

The only disappointing part was the linearity of the missions. It was very scripted - your partner for a particular mission may have been killed, when you just failed it, but look, there he is alive and well when you go back to do the mission again! A cut-scene after failing the mission would have been nice, to fill in the gaps. Or, providing alternate characters in place of the ones you killed, er died in battle, would have been nice.

Despite this, the game was extremely playable. The notion of gangs was still there, but less so than GTA 2, though many rampages allow you to vent your anger on the gangs. Hidden packages and secret missions allow you to gain access easily to power-ups and free weapons. Unlike the older GTA's, in this one you had to earn money (missions, stealing, murdering, etc.) to buy weapons and services, such as the spray shop.

This game is available to buy.

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PC (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP)