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Grand Theft Auto

Simply fantastic! Even those two words do not accurately describe the Grand Theft Auto games. GTA 1 broke the mould, and exposed us to the top-down "Micro-machines"-style action game, and was followed up with GTA: London. GTA 2 came, bringing the series up-to-date with nicer graphics, and some new features. Finally, the recent GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas have overhauled the game into a 3D environment, along with more features... And it worked!!! :-)

The Grand Theft Auto series has been (unjustfully, IMHO) caught up in the news (BBC News). The games are, and have always been, for adults only!

I provide pointers to where you can legally obtain the games on Amazon.co.uk. I do not, and will not, provide links to any illegal sources of the games.