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BOINC is a an open-source program that allows you to use your computer to help out many scientific projects. This includes projects to find cures for diseases, study global warming, much more...

The BOINC program itself contains a graphical tool (boincmgr), which is great, but sometimes you just want a quick summary, and it can be overwhelming. The text-based summary tools (boinccmd --get_state) provided are very verbose, so you need to know what you're looking for and ignore everything else. The script here outputs a simple text-based summary of the BOINC program state.

System Requirements

I have only tested this on Linux, with BOINC version 6.6.36. I will be happy to update for other platforms and versions of BOINC as necessary.


To use it, simply download and save (right-click and choose "Save Link As") the boinc_check.pl file to your computer below. You can run it from the command-line as:

perl boinc_check.pl

If BOINC is running, you should see a table as follows:

Screenshot of BOINC Check Script

The top part of the output shows the projects you are participating in, and the * beside it shows which of the projects are active and accepting new work. The bottom half shows all of the units that the program has, and their state.

  • The "-----" under state shows a unit is complete and ready to report.
  • The percentage under state shows how much of the unit is complete so far, or empty if not started.
  • The * shows the unit(s) currently running.