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BNGroup is a program that downloads and manages all articles from specified newsgroups on a particular NNTP server to a directory on your hard drive.

BNGroup is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Getting BNGroup 0.1

Using BNGroup (Binary Jar)

BNGroup is a command line program.

Usage: java -jar BNGroup-X.Y.jar [options] server group
 -b n : Backtrack n articles. (Default: 0)
 -h : Display this help message.
 -p : Connect to port n on the server. (Default: 119)
 -v : Display version information.

For example:

java -jar BNGroup-0.1.jar news.foo.net foo.bar

...will download the articles in foo.bar from the news.foo.net server to a directory called foo.bar.


This page needs to improve into a sub-site. This will happen slowly, but for now this simple page should suffice.

The next version of BNGroup will be 0.2. I expect to implement the following features in it.

  • Provide a GUI for news synchronization.

There is currently no expected release date.